2006 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market will feature over 670 exhibiting companies across a record 277,500square feet of floor space. With close to 20 new exhibitors, Winter Market is completely sold out for the first time in its 17-year history and has grown from 400 to 2,810 booths since its premier in 1990.


With hundreds of exhibitors comes an abundance of new products, innovations and trends. Attendees will note growing trends towards comfort apparel, women-specific products, alpine mountaineering gear, trail running innovations and wellness goods to name a few. Winter Market has the largest variety of wintersports offerings available, attracting a diverse group of regional, national and international retailers and manufacturers.

数以百计的参展者带来了大量的新产品,新的创意发明,以及新的流行趋势。与会者将注意到新的发展趋势,比如追求舒适的户外服装、为女士特制的服装、登山系列装备、越野穿越类新创意等,还有一些有益身心健康的产品。盐湖城 冬季户外用品展览提供了最多种类的冬季运动产品,吸引了形形色色的来自美国 本土以及世界各地的户外用品零售商和生产商。

the breadth and reach of the outdoor community is growing,,said Peter Devin, Group Show Director for Outdoor Retailer. Winter Market provides the outdoor marketplace and the world retailers and distribution channels the season of first comprehensive opportunity to see entire fall, winter, and holiday 2006 assortment all under one roof, at one time, with everyone in attendance ?the leading decision makers, buyers, sellers, advocacy groups, and key media.?

户外运动零售商的展览集团董事Peter Devin说,"户外运动行业社团的深度和广度正在持续发展"。盐湖城冬季展览会提供给户外运动市场一个季前的交流场所,世界各地的零售商和分销商,每一个参会者都将在季节前第一次在一个平台下有机会看到整个秋、冬、以及2006节日系列的各种产品,可以结识制造者、买家、卖家、协会组织人员和主流媒体。

Winter Market will feature Outdoor Retailer of 3rd Annual Backcountry Base Camp at Brighton, in Big Cottonwood Canyon on January 27, 2006. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to test the latest gear in a snow-covered environment. The event will feature backcountry guided tours, a Nordic facility, a snowshoe testing area and an avalanche seminar, among other events.

冬季户外运动用品展的特色项目第参届"Backcountry Base Camp偏远山区大本营"活动将于2006年1月27日在Big Cottonwood 峡谷的Brighton扎营。参加人员将会有机会在白雪覆貌瑰藿狺勿□□U种最新的装备。这次活动的内容将包括向导穿越,越野装备,滑雪 鞋测验场地和雪崩研讨会等各种活动。

Winter Market will also include the 2nd Annual Winter Market Fashion Show, which will feature over 100 brands in themed sections including sweaters, rugged outerwear, footwear, casual, base sport and technical outerwear, and accessories.


Winter Market will showcase the expansion of the successful Green Steps program with Meter Boards, Carpet Overlays, and highlights in show publications, maps and floorplan stations.

此外,冬季户外运动用品展还将展示的Green Steps项目的成巧摁i,将会展示在山的高度宣传板、地图、工作站以及各种出版物上的案例。


Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006

January 28 - 31, 2006

Saturday - Tuesday

Salt Palace Convention Center Salt Lake City, Utah




犹他州 ,盐湖城Salt Palace会议中心

Saturday, Sunday & Monday - 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday - 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m


星期二 上午9点至下午3点

Be a part of the most comprehensive outdoor trade event in the world for the Fall/Winter/Holiday 2006 buying period. Outdoor Retailer Winter Market will gather over 750 of the worlds leading outdoor apparel, gear, equipment, climbing tools, technology, footwear, boots, ski mountaineering, Nordic and Telemark equipment, rescue, outerwear, running, walking, yoga/mind & body, fitness and accessory products - and connect them with the worlds leading outdoor focused retailers, dealers, sporting goods stores, department stores, guide and outfitter services, ski mountaineering shops, resorts catalog dealers and internet retailers.


3rd Annual Backcountry Base Camp January 27, 2006

Friday - 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

2006年1月27日第参届年度Backcountry Base Camp偏远地区露营活动

星期五 上午9时-下午4时

Base Camp Bash - 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Brighton, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

露营狂欢会 下午4时-下午6时

(美国)尤他州,Big Cottonwood峡谷

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